About EuroChef

Since 1969, EuroChef (with the international name C&D petfood) has maintained its position as the top 5 European brand in the field of pet food production and distribution.

With more than 50 years of experience, thousands of recipes created by leading pet food experts, EuroChef’s final products always ensure excellent quality and irresistible taste for our lovely family members.
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Our pets deserve the best

Understanding the priority of animal lovers, we want to make sure our little friends enjoy the best food from Europe. Prepared with delicious taste and high nutritional content, so that our pets stay healthy and active every day.

Because, our pets deserve the best.

What makes EuroChef different?

Every EuroChef’s formula boosts pets immune system, develops a strong musculoskeletal system, improves digestion, nourishies the brain & eyes, promotes healthy skin and coat so our pets always stay at the best condition. Find out more >

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